Why do I get a message about third-party cookies when trying to use Checkout to purchase an article?

If you are trying to purchase an article on a publisher website using ReadCube and get a message about requiring third-party cookies, please check your web browser settings. Since ReadCube is a third-party service on publisher websites - for instance, on Nature - the cookies that your browser uses to remember your accounts on websites have to be enabled for third parties.

Please be assured that the ReadCube cookies contain only basic ReadCube-associated account information used to aid the completion of your transaction. Your credit card and billing information are NOT stored in cookies and are fully secured by industry-standard SSL encryption during your purchase.

To enable third-party cookies in your browser, please go to your browser settings. Generally, cookie settings can be found under the Privacy sections. Or visit ReadCube Papers to log in and manually set the required ReadCube cookie. 

Directions - Safari Browser Example 

Some browsers turn off third-party cookies by default. This is true if you are using the Mac Safari browser.

To allow use of ReadCube on publisher websites, please take one of the following actions:

1) Enable third-party cookies:

- Open the Safari Preferences (top menu bar, "Safari" menu item)

- Go to the Privacy tab

- Make sure that "block cookies" and "prevent cross site tracking" are not checked. 

2) Alternatively, if you do not want to enable third-party cookies, please visit readcube.com and log in with your account to set the cookie manually:

- In the same browser, open a new tab and visit ReadCube Papers

- Click on the "Login" link at the top right

- Sign in with your ReadCube account

- Go back to your previous tab with the article you want to purchase

- Reload the page - you should now be able to complete your purchase with your ReadCube account

- Please note, you may need to repeat these steps if you regularly delete your browser cookies or are using Private/Incognito mode

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at ReadCube Papers Support.

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