Restore your Papers 3 library from backup

Some issues you encounter can be resolved by using a back up of your library.

Papers 3  (Legacy) for Mac

If using a Mac, it is best to use Time Machine to back up your entire system. This will include your Papers library.

Back Up Your Current Library

  • Prior to restoring from a backup, it is best to do a full backup to Time Machine.

Find a Previous Version of Your Library

  • Make sure that Papers is closed and that citations is not running
  • Enter Time Machine and go back to a point before the trouble
  • Go to your Documents folder or your Dropbox folder (this will depend on where you store your library)
  • Find and copy the library.papers3 file and restore it
  • Press cmd-shift-g, type this: ~/library/application support/
  • You should now see a Papers 3 folder, please restore this
  • Press cmd-shift-g, type this: ~/library/preferences/
  • Here you're looking for a file called "com.mekentosj.papers3.plist", please restore this as well.

Open Papers with the Restored Library

  • Reopen Papers.

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