Creating books and book chapters

Papers has a separate workflow for organizing your books and book chapters. This workflow is incredibly flexible and highly customizable to your preferences. This tutorial will show you some of the different ways you can create books and book chapters with some examples.

Dragging and dropping files into Papers to create a book

If you already have a complete book as a PDF file simply drag and drop this file into Papers.


Once in Papers, you can designate a file as a book by dragging and dropping the file in your library into the 'Books' section.


We can then further refine what type of book the files are.


Supplements and chapters

Supplements are also available for books but in addition we can designate files to separate chapters of a book. Soon you'll see how this comes in handy to make a selection of chapters into one book. For example, we can import an additional file that we want to save with our book as a extra chapter.

Simply find the file and drag into the 'Drag new chapter here' box.


The big difference between supplemental files and chapters is that chapters receive their own entry in the library (see below) whereas supplements are only kept with the files they're attached to and aren't visible as separate entities in your library list.


One a file is added as a chapter you will see it in the files list. The 'source' will be the book title which it is a part of.


Manually creating a book file from book chapters

You can add different file types into the one book. In the example below, one file is a Word document while the other files are PDFs.


To create a new book click 'File' > 'New' > 'Book'.


One the files have been dragged into the book you can now add a title and other metadata for the book.


Also, you can further specify the type of book from the 'Kind' dropdown menu in the inspector.


You can add more chapters directly into the book entry file simply by dragging and dropping as before. You can also add multiple chapters simultaneously by selecting more than one file then dragging it into the 'Drag new chapter here' box.


If you want to remove a chapter, select it then click on the '-' button.


Creating books for your hobbies

Books can be used for a variety of purposes which we'll now demonstrate.

You might want to create a book for other groups of files such as for recipes. Doing this saves you from creating a new collection or a smart collection.

As above, you would create a new book. Then, simply drag and drop your recipe files into this new recipe book.


You can easily change metadata such as the chapter title.

You can also add files that are already in Papers. Simply select the document and drag it into the book.


Creating a book for your Doctoral thesis

To begin, select 'File' > 'New' > 'Book' > 'Thesis'.


In the inspector you'll be able to write in the specialized fields such as the university or who you supervisors are.


From your hard drive you can drag and drop an introduction into the thesis.


Using the same method you can drag and drop more chapters into your thesis.

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