How to search for new publications in Papers 3 for iOS

You can download the free Papers app for iPhone/iPad here.

Use any of the 20+ built-in search engines to find literature in your field of research. From PubMed, Scopus, to ArXiv, and Google Patents, a full range of options are available.

Here's how to get started

  • Tap on the search loop icon to enter the search mode in Papers.

Managing search engines

  • Tap on the settings wheel and select from the list of search repositories that you want to include as your search engines.

  • When you conduct a search, all highlighted search engines are used to run a search query. If you want to use only some of the search engines that you have included, tap on them so that they are no longer highlighted. This means that they are not included in a search.

Using search tokens

  • When you type in your search term, it is applied to all the possible metadata fields available such as authors, titles, abstract, source etc. When you start typing your search term, a pop over of different search tokens is displayed. Select a search token from the pop over window to specify your search. Swipe right to show more tokens in the pop over.

Find out more about performing advanced search queries in the search mode here.

Read abstract information and Import search results

  • If you want to read the abstract of a search result before importing it to your library, tap on a search result to expand it.

  • To import a paper, click on the Import button. If you have access to the full-text article Papers tries to automatically download the full PDF to your library.

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