Pro Tip: Import to Papers from any application (Papers2)

In this tutorial you will learn how you can import a document to Papers from any application. In this example I'll be importing a presentation from Keynote.

##1) Exporting documents from other applications

Select 'File' then 'Print' in the application you want to export from.


In the Print box that appears, click on the PDF button


Them select 'Save PDF to Papers'


##2) Converting the PDF into a different media subtype

Once in Papers you can convert this PDF into a different media subtype. In this case, I want to convert the PDF into a presentation. First, drag the the PDF into the 'Media' library.


Papers will then prompt you to select the media subtype. In this case, I want to convert this PDF into a presentation.


Now you can edit the metadata of this presentation (e.g., the presenter, the city, moderators).


Of course, you can do use this import method from any application that allows you to print.

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