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Papers for Mac allows you to sync your library with your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch with Papers for iOS installed. To set up your mobile device for syncing, first open Papers on your device, and go to Settings > Syncing. Then tap the switch to enable syncing:


After enabling syncing, on your Mac, go to Preferences > Devices and click on "Link" for the device that should be visible in the list. Note that on the iOS device screen you might still see "Searching..." at this stage. This is perfectly normal.


At this stage your are shown a pass-code on your mobile devices and are prompted to enter it.


Simply enter the passcode you see to the entry dialog on your Mac.


After the mobile device has been linked, it appers in Papers2 source list in a new, opened section called "Devices". You can start a sync session by clicking on the device in the source list.


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