How to rebuild the spotlight index on Papers 2 for Mac

The spotlight index files can become corrupted. A sign of this is when library search is no longer working in Papers2, or in Magic Citations. To solve such issues, you can rebuild Papers2 spotlight index. This can be done very easily by starting Papers in maintenance mode:

  • Quit Papers 2
  • Start Papers 2 again with the option key pressed (also called the 'alt' key)
  • Papers should open in Maintenance Mode (else redo the above 2 steps)
  • Click the 'Rebuild Index' option
  • When the process is done, you can click 'Start Papers'

NB: Before you rebuild the spotlight index it is wise to backup your library.

If you are rebuilding the spotlight index because Magic Citations is unable to locate articles in your library, you may want to restart Citations after rebuilding the spotlight index to reload the application and restore functionality.

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