Pro Tip: Exporting a reference list in any of Papers' citation styles

It is easy to export a selection of articles as a reference list in Papers. You can use this feature to create lists of articles that may be of interest to other colleagues who are not currently Papers users. It can also be used to create reading lists for students, or suggested articles for a collaboration.

  • This feature can be accessed through File -> Export -> Reference List.
  • You can choose any of the following formats: HTML, PDF, Plain Text, Rich Text Format and Word.

The options for the citation style are those that have been chosen as 'Favourite Styles'. To add or edit these go to Papers -> Preferences -> Citations. Select Favourite Styles -> More Styles.

Reference lists with a customized style

There are times when you may want to export a reference list in any of the citation styles included in Papers. Instead of using the Export Reference List feature, you can create a reference list just as easily making use of Magic Citations in Papers:

  • Navigate to Papers -> Preferences -> Papers.
  • At the bottom of the menu, you can change the settings for "Drag Papers As" to "Magic Citation" from the dropdown menu.

  • Select the articles from your library which you would like to include in your reference list.

  • Now use Command + C to copy these articles.
  • Open a new document (Pages, Word, or just TextEdit), and use Command + V to paste the Magic Citations into this document.

  • Access Magic Manuscripts by using Ctrl + Ctrl on your keyboard, and select the citation style you would like to use.

  • Now, format your document and Papers will create a bibliography of the Magic Citations you have added to the document in the style you selected. You can then delete the Magic Citations at the top of the document and apply any other minor formatting you would like to create your reference list.

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