What is ReadCube Checkout? What are the purchase options?

ReadCube Checkout lets you purchase or rent full-text articles at affordable prices that you wouldn't otherwise have access to. ReadCube Checkout is available on Nature titles and is integrated as part of their article paywall. Answers to a few common questions about ReadCube Checkout are below:

What format is the article I get when I purchase a ReadCube article?

When you buy or rent an article via ReadCube Checkout you get the full-text article, delivered through the ReadCube Web Reader. So, not only do you get the full-text, it's enhanced with clickable inline references and authors, one-click access to the supplemental information and related content, and the ability export a citation in any major format.

What is the difference between rental/cloud and PDF options?

ReadCube Checkout comes with three different pricing tiers that allows potential customers to choose from more affordable access options.  These include:


Cloud Access

Full PDF

How does ReadCube Checkout relate to the ReadCube Papers application?

Articles purchased via ReadCube Checkout can be downloaded to your ReadCube Papers application. Just click the "Add to Library" button when you're viewing the article online. Downloading the article to ReadCube Papers lets you have the article for offline reading. Plus, it allows the article to contribute to the smart article recommendations in ReadCube Papers.  All of your purchased articles can also be found in the preferences tab labeled "Purchases."

I want to print my purchased article out.  How do I do this?

When viewing articles you have purchased within the ReadCube Web Reader, selecting this button at the top of your screen will allow you to print out the article currently displayed by the reader.  This function is disabled for digital purchases. 

You must purchase the full PDF (the right-most option) if you want to print the article out.

I want to save my article to import to other reference managers.  How do I do this?

This is very similar to printing.  While viewing articles within the ReadCube Web Reader, the button indicated above will allow you to save your purchased articles to your computer.  This function is also disabled for digital purchases.  You must purchase the full PDF (the bottom option) if you want to save the article.

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