How do I import from my library from another reference manager into ReadCube Papers? [EndNote, Sente, Mendeley, Zotero, Refworks, Reference Manager]

You can import existing libraries from other reference managers with a few simple steps. It won't be a perfect match - switching data between different tools always has its speed bumps - but we are here to help so if you have any issues - email us

1. Export a copy of your library.

TIP: For all reference managers, if your library is a mix of references with PDFs and without, select the papers without PDFs to export the metadata as listed below. ReadCube Papers will automatically identify the metadata from the references PDF file directly from the PDF itself. This will simplify the import process.

  • EndNote/Zotero
    • First select the reference(s) that you want to export. Go to the File menu - Export. Select .BIB as a file type. Next, go to your local PDF folder and drag the PDF files into ReadCube Papers library view along with .bib file and they will match with imported metadata from .bib import.
  • Mendeley
    • First select the reference(s) that you want to export. Go to the file menu - Export. Select .BIB as the file type. If you have PDFs stored in the Mendeley cloud, you'll need to install the Mendeley desktop so you can easily access your PDF files locally. Select all of your PDFs from your Mendeley library folder on your desktop and drag into ReadCube Papers app.

Import PDFs associated with those references for articles to be merged with the imported references from Step 1 


  • Your folder structure from your old reference manager will not carry over. That data is not included in export files. To keep your library structure, create a new list in ReadCube Papers using the + icon in the lower left part of the screen and export contents of specific folders from your original reference manager using the steps above.
  • If you see a lot of duplicates, this is because the references you imported did not have DOI/PubMed ID saved. That is what we use to definitively identify an article as unique so we can confidently merge duplicates together. 
Remember, if you have any issues please feel free to contact us at ReadCube Papers Support!

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