Exporting Papers 3 Mobile to ReadCube

The Papers 3 Mobile application is no longer updated but you can still upload your library to the new ReadCube Papers app. To start you will need Papers 3 on a Mac computer with wifi and the importer application. 

To start open up Papers 3 on your Mac computer. Go to Papers at the top and click on "Enable Library Sync..."

In the following window you will need to click the check box "Enable syncing with other devices on this network"

Next head to your mobile device and open Papers 3 and click the 3 dots at the top right of the screen.

Click "Set Up Synchronization"

And finally on your mobile device click on Link next to your device*

*If you don't see your device please make sure Papers 3 on your Mac is still open and they are both connected to the same Wifi network. If you still don't see your device please email us at support@readcube.com

Once you click link you will need to head back to your Mac computer and confirm that the code shown is the same as your Ipad.

If the codes match click Approve. If the codes don't match then make sure the name on the Ipad is what you are expecting. You may be trying to import someone else's library!

Once you hit approve you should see your library start to import. Please be patient as the Ipad can only send so much data at one time to the Papers 3 app on your computer.

Now that your Papers 3 library is transferred you can use our Papers 3 importer to get all of your documents over to the new Papers app!

See instructions for that over here.

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