Windows application is slow

While we can't anticipate every Windows configuration we find the app to be very snappy on all kinds of operating systems. However, sometimes an Antivirus application can make the application very sluggish. To fix this you will need administrator permissions. The following is how to allow the application to run without interference from Antivirus. This allows the app to still be scanned but removes scanning of heavily updated parts of the database. While you should NEVER allow all applications through your antivirus these settings are safe as they are just the database files and not the program itself.

To start, open up your virus and threat protection settings.

Under "Virus & threat protection settings" click Manage settings.

Scroll down in the settings until you see Exclusions and click "Add or remove exclusions"

You will need to add two exclusions. Select "Add an exclusion" and click "File type"

In the next screen, you will need to add "db". Then add an additional exclusion file type of "log".

That's it. If you have any additional questions or concerns or the app is still running slowly .please reach out to support at

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